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Body Wash Starter Kit - Single

259 kr

Keep clean and fresh with our body wash starter kit. Choose from two lovely scents that will invigorate and clean with a natural feeling like never before. A simple, easy way to start your journey to a plastic free life style.


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How It Works

What should I expect from my products?

We don’t use any harsh chemicals in our products. Our foaming agents and thickeners are plant-based. This may mean a slightly less foamy experience than what you may be used to with traditional products.

Before the product completely dissolves you may see all natural ‘moisture beads’ still visible. Give it one final shake before use and your final product will not disappoint.

For a creamier experience we recommend to keep the water content to a max of 400ml.

You will find that our personal care range delivers effectively time and time again, paving the way for plastic-free bathroom revolution one pouch at a time.

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