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How It Works

Mixing your own sustainable product is easy and doesn't require much besides a container and water.   

1. Take your pouch of powder hand soap, body wash, or shampoo. Massage it to loosen the powder, then pour it into a clean, 500ml dispenser - ideally our timeless stainless steel dispenser  

2. Add 450ml of cold tap water. 

3. Close the dispenser tightly, then shake it generously to make sure all the ingredients meet, blend, and combine together thoroughly. For best results, leave it overnight to work its magic. In the morning give it one more shake and you're good to go! 



Our powder-to-liquid personal care products are sourced and manufactured in France, using only high-quality natural ingredients. The base of our vegan, plastic-free products are natural oils, specifically olive and coconut oil, which give a luxurious satin feel to your hand- and body-washing experience and leave your skin feeling moisturized. Our products are carefully designed and are safe for all family members, as well as gentle enough for all skin types. 

It's important to note that we avoid harmful foaming agents in our products. Thus, our products do not foam up the way standard grocery shop products do. This is because our products do not contain chemical agents, such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Our products are completely free from any micro- or nanoplastics, avoiding contamination of our oceans and wildlife and further protecting your health.