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Simple, fun and - most of all - good for you and the planet.

1 - Choose from our range of natural & plastic-free hand soaps, body washes and shampoos.

2 - Select either a one-off purchase or a flexible, hassle-free subscription.

3 - Sit back and relax. We ship in packaging that fits conveniently through your letterbox.

The How-To Guide

It's time to mix!

Pour Water GIF
Pour Powder GIF

Add water + then powder

1. Add 400ml of warm tap water to a clean 500ml dispenser. If you purchased one of LifeLong containers, the mark for 400ml is clearly marked.

2. Massage the refill pouch to loosen the powder and then pour it into the container with water.

Shake GIF

Shake + Rest

3. Shake the jar for all the ingredients to meet, hug and blend together. 
4. Leave it overnight to work its magic. In the morning give it one more shake and you're good to go!

Carbon-offset shipping

Guilt-free convenience

Relax knowing your choice to use our products is making a real difference. Not only stopping plastic waste but we also plant a tree for you on every order you make. If you chose to subscribe we ship your refills automatically, just before you need them.