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Why use our products?

A global problem but your choices really do help

Today it is nearly impossible to buy personal care products such as shampoo, body wash and hand soap without plastic packaging.

Single use plastic is a human addiction and one we need to cure. Sadly recycling cannot keep up with human consumption. Globally, over 80% of all plastic ends up in landfill or nature, including our oceans.

They break down into tiny micro plastics that cause problems to our wildlife, they even end up in our food chain and ultimately into our bodies. We need to find an alternative if we want to live in a clean, healthy, safe environment.

That’s why we created Lifelong, the plastic free lifestyle brand.

Planet friendly packaging

Firstly, we NEVER use plastic to package our products. Everything is packaged in cellulose, the main substance found in plant cell walls. Cellulose is the most abundant organic macromolecule on planet Earth.

Thanks to cellulose, our sachets are home compostable, meaning that you can put them in your compost bin, along with apple skins and orange peels. Even our labels are compostable, making our products truly kind to mother nature.

Guilt free pampering

Never again worry or feel guilty about your plastic waste consumption from your personal care use. We take away the need to recycle your bathroom empty bottles. A perfect choice for people who don't have an option to recycle or often forget and of course the lazy ones who don't bother, we are here to help!

You actively help fight climate change

Powdered products are much better for the environment than liquid alternatives. Shipping water around the world doesn’t make sense when you have a tap at home. Shipping unnecessary water increases transport emissions, one of the biggest aggregators to climate change. Lifelong decreases shipping emissions by 94%. This means that when you use our service you are actively helping fight climate change, without even changing your lifestyle.

You also get to plant a tree

We plant a tree for every shipment we send you to offset our carbon footprint, making us a truly carbon neutral company. You’ll feel super happy every time you receive our shipment through your letterbox knowing that you just planted another tree. You can even choose where you would like us to plant it!

Good for you, your family and the planet

99.6% natural ingredients. The base of our products are made from olive oil, coconut oil and argile. They have all the goodness you need inside them and absolutely nothing you don't. There are no nasty chemicals that can irritate your skin. Our products can be used for the whole family.

We don't believe in putting sulphates in our products, the agent used in cleaning products and many shampoos for foaming. Sulphates have been known to break down proteins and cause problems with cell membranes. There have even been reports that residue sulphates have been found in people hearts and lungs - definitely not good for your health.

If your shampoo easily lathers and foams, there is a good chance it contains harmful sulphates. We don't believe personal care products should have parabens either. They have been linked to certain types of cancer. Traces have even been found in breast cancer tumours. Let's not take the risk when it comes to our health.

Confidence in where your products are made

We only use suppliers from Europe who have the same code of conduct and ethics as we do.


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