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Innovative Formulation

Most care products contain 80-90% of water. We challenged ourselves to flip the formula. Our powdered range contains the only 10% of active ingredients you need to make the final product at home!

Our formulas are always:

• Plant-based and vegan

• Micro- and nano-plastic free

• Gentle for all skin types

• Ethically sourced

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Our innovative powdered formulation means that we ship only the 10% of needed active materials to you. The refills are 40g and can be delivered as a regular letter, straight through your letterbox.

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Plastic free

Biodegradable, compostable packaging only.

Waterless products

94% reduction in transport emissions

Zero Waste

Designed for sustainable living


Plant and fruit based extracts only

Natural ingredients

99.6% natural. Pure, clean ingredients

Flexible Subscription

Shipped only when you need it

Lifelong have given me exactly what I need to live a more sustainable, plastic free life style. The subscription is affordable and simple. I'm always excited to receive it through my door!

It took a while to get used to powder as it doesn't lather as much. But it's a small price to pay for living plastic free. The end result leaves you feeling clean and energised

Lifelong made my 'Ethical brands of the decade' list. They really try to get to know their customers needs. The world needs more sustainable businesses

I loved being one of their first 100 customers. It's clear we have to stop consuming so much plastic and amazing to see that Lifelong are here to help

Being super busy with work it's nice have a service that takes away my need to recycle, saving time, which for me and my family is very important

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