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- Sustainable Shipping -


It’s proven that in general, online shipping is more sustainable than brick and mortar. At first you may not believe this but let’s dig a little deeper.

Brick and Mortar stores must stay completely replenished. To do this their suppliers ship more product than they need to a warehouse, which is then divided and shipped to different stores, normally by a truck.

If one shop is low on product then other products will be shipped from their original location back to the warehouse to be sorted and re-shipped to other stores that need it. However, with online stores such as Lifelong, we know how much product we need and it's only ever shipped once to us, before we get it to you guys!

When looking at this from above, you should also consider your journey to the store to buy your products. Many people do live near a store they can walk to and instead drive, which has its own carbon footprint.

As our products are powdered we are taking away the heaviest part to ship; water. Thankfully this means we actively reduce our carbon transport emissions by 94%.

When you buy from a store the packaging has to be stronger due to it’s longer travelling and handling time. With Lifelong we only ship in 100% recyclable boxes, that are the right size for your letterbox. We don't add unnecessary bubble wrap, fillings or any other wasteful rubbish. Plus all our labels and tape are completely compostable.

We only ship by normal post and there is a reason for that. Your local postal service have routes that they must travel every single day in order to post all your daily letters to you, your neighbours and friends. It does not matter if you have mail or not, they must do their daily rounds.

Because of this, we ship all our products by normal scheduled post which lowers the carbon footprint immensely. Sadly fast fashion and shipping (next day / two day shipping) have a lot to answer for when it comes to increased transport emissions as a single trip is made specifically for you only. You can look at it like catching a train with everyone on a predetermined route, rather than driving your car alone to the coast for your holiday.

All our products come in refill pouches made from cellulose which means ZERO waste for you. You can happily feel safe and confident that by choosing Lifelong personal care, you are helping lower carbon emissions and stopping single use plastic that ends up in landfill, a win for you and the planet.

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