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- WHY? -

The Beginning

Recycling cannot keep up with the rate at which we consume. Planet Earth is suffocating and we urgently need to find a solution. A plastic free solution. 

That's why we started Lifelong. We want to help protect the planet with a range environmentally positive products.

Because personal care shouldn't cost the Earth.

- WHAT? -

Powdered personal care delivered to your door

Shipping unnecessary water around the world is bad for the planet. Most shower products contain over 70% water which makes them big and heavy to ship. 

With our powdered product range, we reduce transport emissions by 94% and have a product that fits through your letter box! 

Even better, all our products are 99.6% natural, vegan and cruelty free.

- HOW? -

It wasn't easy

Since January 2019 we've been on a quest to help solve one of Earth's biggest challenges - single use plastic.

Through hours of research, product testing, failing, learning and iterating, we found that it's near impossible to ship liquid products without plastic. 

We fell in love with cellulose - a biodegradable, home compostable material that is perfect for powdered products. It's light and highly sustainable, making it our preferred choice for product packaging.


This is just the beginning!

We don't plan to stop at just a small range of personal care products. We plan to empty your house of all unnecessary single-use plastic waste. 

Everything from toothpaste to cleaning products, delivered in small packages direct to your door. 

What products would you like to see us create? Feel free to get in touch!  


Spread the word and help build the Lifelong family!

The more people who use our products the more plastic we stop going to landfill, or being burned, resulting in harmful emissions. 

We keep track of who you recommend and how much plastic they - and their recommendations - stop. 

We then keep you up-to-date on how much plastic waste, in total, you have saved planet earth from swallowing. The more you invite the bigger the number. Think of it as a friendly pyramid scheme! 

Care today, protect tomorrow

Join the Lifelong family

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