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Saving the planet from single use plastic seems like a problem too big for one person but as a community, we can! The more people who are aware of the damage that our plastic consumption has on the environment and humanity the more we can stop it. It’s time to communicate and educate.

But we need your help! As much as we can try, we can’t do this alone and kindly ask you to help us grow our Lifelong community and help free our planet from the plastic that is suffocating our world and its inhabitants.

Refer a friend

Making positive change is better done together!

Simply share the link and you and your friends will get 10% off your next order. But better than that, you are actively helping more and more people live a plastic free lifestyle and helping planet earth breathe again.

Plus we’ll keep you updated with how much plastic you and your friends actually stop going to waste so you can really see the impact that you've made. The more your friends share the more impact you'll be credited for! Think of it as a Lifelong family tree. mixed with a pyramid scheme.

Lifelong is here as a service to help you and your friends lower your plastic consumption in a convenient, simple way. 

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