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Are your cellulose pouches compostable?

Yes! Our sachets are made from cellulose. They are certified as biodegradable and home compostable. You can even put them in your home compost bin along with your banana peels.

How long do they take to compost?

It can take anywhere from 45 days to 6 months to decompose.The breakdown depends on the environment, including humidity and temperature. Industrial composting is quicker than home composting but in the end your product will not end up in waste, polluting the environment and outliving yourself and generations to come!

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Subscription service

Is a subscription better than a one-off purchase?

Yes we think so. Not only do you get a 10% discount but you never have to worry about buying your basics from the store again. (not to mention carrying the heavy bottles home) We will always ship on time and for every shipment we send you, we plant a tree for you, helping fight the climate crisis we face today. But if you prefer a one-time purchase to take our products for a test drive then that’s great too! We are confident you'll be back for more.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

Absolutely. We haven’t built this company to tie you up in hidden contracts or confusing cancellation protocols. We offer you a subscription model simply to reduce the length of your already long to-do list. Your bathroom basics can be shipped to your letterbox at intervals that suit your household with no other worry for you (saving room on your grocery list for a tasty treat instead). If you go on holiday, or want to pause your subscription, you can with a click of a button.

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Is shipping expensive? Will I have to collect from my local store?

Not at all. We know shipping is expensive in Sweden and most parcels end up at your local shop for collection. We wanted to offer convenience and expediency. Our pouches are designed to fit through your letterbox, every time. Your bathroom products will arrive together with your mail and newspapers. Plus as we send the pouches as a letter and not a parcel, the shipping rates are very reasonable.

Is shipping to my door better for the environment than buying from a shop?

Yes absolutely! Standard shipping routes that normal post must take each day means there is no additional transport to deliver your product together with your regular mail. For more information on this check out our page on sustainable shipping

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What should I expect from my products?

We won’t pretend that it’s exactly the same experience as you're currently used to. We kept out many thickening and foaming agents that are harmful to your skin. This is why the product may seem ‘thinner’ or slightly more watery than usual, or less foamy. At first it may seem strange however once you are used to it, you’ll feel just as clean, more fresh and a clear conscience for being totally plastic free!

How long will my products last?

That depends on how often you use them! Every sachet contains 40g of powder, which will make up 474ml finished product. Typical store bought shampoo and body washes range from 270 - 500ml. In general a Lifelong body wash will last one person at least one month. A hand soap should last two months depending on how many people are in your household. A shampoo should last one person anywhere from one to three months depending on your routine.

Why can't I use my product immediately after mixing with water?

Powdered personal care is a new innovative formulation. The natural ingredients need time to react with the water and bond with each other. We chose to use natural, gentle surfactants (foaming/cleansing agents) and emulsifiers (solvents that allow water and oil mix) – this means overnight you'll see the product thickens.

Can I fill my bottle to the top?

Not recommended. It’s better to leave some space to shake the final product for optimal mixing. Plus, you need the space for the pump top. If you overfill, you might end up wasting product while inserting the pump top. We always recommend to use 400ml of water as it creates a creamier texture.

Do I need to order your pump top mason jars?

We recommend that you use our pump tops as they are the right size for the sachet. However, if you have another pump top dispenser laying around the house, that is the same size or bigger, then we encourage you to reuse what you have on hand!

Our lifestyle brand is all out eliminating waste, not contributing to it.If you choose to use your own container, make sure it is 470ml or bigger in order to leave space to shake the bottle after adding 400ml of tap water.

Why do I need to use the mason jar lid to shake and not the pump top?

This is to make sure there is a tight seal when you shake to avoid spillage or leaking. Just keep the mason lid somewhere safe for the next time you need it. Reuse it for a lifetime!

How can I help spread the word?

We really appreciate any help you can give to grow the Lifelong community and the plastic free lifestyle. We believe in combining convenience and effectiveness, constantly innovating to make the responsible thing to do also they easy and enjoyable thing to do. Together, we can make waste-free choices the new normal. Just pop over to our page 'How can I help' where you can get a shareable link for your friends and family. 

- FAQ -

Still have a question?

Then get in touch via our online chat or by email to hello@lifelong.eco 

We are here to help! 

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