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Shampoo bars, finally a zero waste alternative that works!

Posted by Cornelia Forslund on
Shampoo bars, finally a zero waste alternative that works!


How can I find an alternative to shampoo bars? 

Did you want to move away from shampoo that comes in a single use plastic bottle? Have you been searching for a zero waste alternative? With so many products out on the market it is hard to find a brand that offers everything you need to be zero-waste in the bathroom.We have an alternative! A sulphate-free shampoo that is completely zero waste!

Are shampoo bars good to use?

Shampoo bars in all their glory, are compact and easy to take with you, last a long time and usually come without plastic packaging. Shampoo bars are a fairly obvious zero waste product to replace single use plastic shampoo bottles. Sadly, it’s also very difficult to find a shampoo bar that suits your specific hair type and easily gives you the right amount for your hair. Most shampoo bars do not give you that soft freshly washed feeling that a liquid shampoo usually does, depending on the shampoo brand that you use.

shampoo in a cellulose pouch

What is the best alternative to a shampoo bar?

Lifelong has an alternative to the popular shampoo bar that people use to lower their single use plastic consumption. Our customers have given our zero-waste shampoo five star reviews. Lifelong’s alternative to the shampoo bar comes in powdered form, in a plastic-free package that you compost in your regular household compost bin. The powder is mixed with tap water at home in a 500ml glass bottle (or a recycled shampoo bottle) which then transforms into a beautiful, natural shampoo. How smart?

It’s sulphate-free shampoo, with 99% natural ingredients. And to make sure we cover all hair types we offer two different variants, shampoo for dry hair (fine / dry hair), and shampoo for normal hair (normal / oily hair) that leaves the hair clean, smooth and moisturized. A perfect climate-smart gift for yourself or someone close to you, as well as a perfect alternative to shampoo soap bars!

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