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Conscious Christmas gifts, here are seven exciting tips

Conscious Christmas gifts, here are seven exciting tips

Conscious gifts for your family and friends

As Christmas approaches, we start looking for Christmas presents for loved ones. But conscious Christmas presents or climate-smart Christmas presents, as one might also say, are not always the easiest thing to do. Here we have collected some suggestions and ideas that are personal and available in all price ranges.


Reusable presents for Christmas

A gift that makes you produce less waste is our first suggestion of several conscious Christmas gifts! Here are some of my favorites. A coffee thermos, stainless steel water bottle or why not reusable fruit bags? To always have a coffee thermos with me is one of my absolute best tips, both for the wallet and the environment. I often brew my coffee at home in the morning, and if it's a good thermos, it stays warm all morning. Or if I don’t have time, I buy on the go and just hand out my thermos instead of using a disposable mug. Great!



Reusable stainless steel coffee thermos


Christmas time together

In a world full of material things, spending time together over Christmas is underestimated. Why not give away a three-course dinner at home, or a nice brunch? What about a ski day or go climbing together? The ideas are endless.


Group of friends with arms around each other looking into sunset


Giving plants for Christmas

Another climate-smart Christmas present that can’t go wrong is a plant. Most people love plants and have them at home. Unless the person you want to give it to, doesn’t have green fingers! It can of course be good to visit their home and see if they like plants before spending your money. But let’s face it, we all secretly like a new plant, so it’s going to be a great present to give.



Cactus looking down from the top


Homemade Christmas food

Homemade food for Christmas is another climate-smart Christmas present that I often make in some form every year and it is always equally appreciated. If I have picked some good mushrooms in Sweden, I usually then dry the chanterelles and then put in a nice glass jar and give them away. Another idea that is really appreciated is homemade granola or jam, and then giving it away in a glass jar makes it feel a little more luxurious. A tip from a friend but something I haven’t tested myself is homemade tea. Definitely worth a try!



Christmas cake


Zero waste Christmas presents

Giving a zero waste Christmas present alternative to someone who uses disposable plastic products is a fantastic way to reduce their waste but also inspire them to think about how much single use plastic waste they use Of course, you don’t get more ‘Zero Waste’ than our own plastic free product range. A luxurious zero waste hand soap in a nice glass bottle probably makes even the hardest of people to please super happy. 


plastic free hand soap in a paper sachet


Charity gifts for Christmas

Giving a gift through a charity is a gesture that makes most people happy. Personalize the gift by choosing an organization that the person you are buying for is passionate about.


A woman holding a red heart


Give an experience for Christmas

Related to "Time together" are of course experience gifts. Give a loved one a massage, a spa, or go to a chocolate or wine tasting day, or dance class in salsa? The possibilities are endless!


A bar of soap and sponge in a spa


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