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A Zero Waste bathroom, seven simple changes you can make today

A Zero Waste bathroom, seven simple changes you can make today

Trying to move towards a zero waste life, or as many do, a lower waste life is easier than you think. Many sustainably conscious people talk about "the six r: s", Refuse, Rethink, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Rot (compost) First refuse, if you can’t then you must rethink. If need be then reuse. If needed we suggest you repair and if you have to then recycle.

Creating a zero waste bathroom doesn’t have to be that difficult. Here we list seven changes that are simple to do but allow you to reduce your waste today. If you can, try to choose plastic-free and organic products. Also remember not to throw away things you already have, Use everything up until the products run out, then think about what you really need and what you can find alternatives to. Here are seven changes to a zero waste bathroom

Hair care

Replace your shampoo and conditioner bottles that come in single use plastic packaging with a zero waste alternative. To be even kinder to your body and the environment, choose organic products. Lifelong has environmentally friendly shampoo for several different hair types. These come in powder form, mixed with water to become a liquid shampoo.

Dental care

Use a compostable toothbrush instead of a plastic one. These are often made of bamboo and are the same price as a regular toothbrush. You can also find zero waste alternatives for toothpaste that come in reusable packaging such as small glass bottles. You can purchase plastic free, zero waste toothpaste in either a powder form or as tablets that are chewed and turn into toothpaste.


Instead of buying liquid soap in plastic, choose either a solid soap bar that comes in compostable packaging (if packaged) or a zero waste, environmentally friendly, liquid hand soap. Lifelong has a natural hand soap in two different scents that comes in a powder form, mixed with water at home that becomes a fragrant liquid soap. The packaging is made from cellulose. You can place it in the compost and there is no waste! You can reuse an old soap pump top dispenser if you have one at home, or buy one of Lifelong's own reusable, refillable glass dispensers.


A zero waste alternative that saves both money and the planet. You can make  a calm, planted based, organic, zero waste lotion on your own. There are lots of exciting and simple body lotion tips online. Also perfect to make as a gift, put in a small glass jar and give away to your friends and family.


If you are someone who shaves, a zero waste swap is to replace your traditional razor with an old fashioned one. An ordinary plastic razor lasts only a short time before it contributes to the piles of waste and landfills around the world. There are alternatives that are completely made of metal, which lasts much longer and can easily be recycled into something else, if you decide to change it in the future.


Cotton pads

There are several reusable, zero waste alternatives that you can buy in organic cotton, for your daily facial cotton pads. An even more durable alternative is to take old towels and cut them into small round discs. You can throw these in the washing machine and reuse them.


Instead of the usual deodorant found in plastic, invest in one made of compostable cork or glass. Remember that organic products are kinder to the environment and your body.



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