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World Clean Up Day 2020

World Clean Up Day 2020

Join millions of people all around the globe at the World Cleanup Day on September 19th and get a chance to win a plastic-free starter kit from Lifelong!

What is World Cleanup Day?

Millions of volunteers all around the globe join together in September each year to clean up the world in one day! The annual World Cleanup Day is a global movement that started small – from just one northern European country of Estonia in 2008. Today it’s a global event with one uniting goal: to clean up litter and mismanaged waste from our beaches, rivers, forests and urban areas. Last year alone, the World Cleanup Day gathered 21 million people from 180 countries.

Cleaning up Sweden

Believe it or not, in Sweden alone, close to 35 million pieces of trash – equivalent to 60 tonnes of waste -  is left on the ground on an average ONE summer week. The most common trash pieces? Cigarette buds, snus and our number one enemy: single use plastic. Left unattended, the plastic (in cigarette buds as well as disposable plastics) not only pollutes the environment but also contributes to health and water pollution in its micro-plastic or nano-plastic form. Did you know that due to current plastic pollution, each one of us consumes 5 grams of plastic a week? This is equivalent of four credit card worth of plastic a month? Plastic waste mismanagement is no longer just an environmental issue – it’s problem that impacts us all.

The good news: you can actually do something about it!

Picking up trash is a small gesture that, when done collectively, makes a huge difference for our nature and our society at large. Studies have shown that people perceive it acceptable to throw rubbish in a place that is already littered as opposed to one that’s pristine, locking us into a vicious circle of trash upon more trash. Stop the vicious circle and join forces to clean up Sweden!

The Giveaway from Lifelong

To participate in our giveaway, show us how you’re participating in World Cleanup Day:

  1. Post a picture of your cleanup on Instagram (however big or small your efforts – they still count!). It doesn’t have to be exactly on 19 September either, as we are extending the competition to the end of the month, 31 September.
  2. Follow and tag Lifelong in your picture; and
  3. Tag two friends in the same post to help us collectively raise awareness;
  4. We will announce the winner on 1 October.

In two weeks we will organize our own cleanup day in one of Sweden's greatest natural treasures. Stay tuned!

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