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Flexible subscription - a better way to buy

We want to make your life as care-free as possible, which is why we offer a convenient subscription service for shampoo, hand soap and body wash. You can choose which products you want to subscribe to and when you want them delivered, every first, second or third month.


How does it work?

You choose which products you would like to subscribe to and when you would like them delivered, then we handle the rest.


Where do you ship to?

We ship all over Sweden and Denmark. The powdered shampoo, body wash and hand soap conveniently fit in a letter sized box, making the shipping cost very affordable and handy as they will always fit through your door. 


Can I change, modify or cancel my subscription?

Yes of course! You can pause, stop, add or takeaway products anytime you wish from your subscription. We don't believe in nasty models that send you unwanted products and charge you for them. We believe in a simple effective service that makes sure you never run out of shampoo, body wash or hand soap again. 


Why is subscription better?

Value for money - We offer a 10% discount for all subscriptions compared to one-off purchases.


Free up time - No more need to pop to the shops when you run out of shampoo, we deliver just when you need it.


Convenience - It’s one less thing to think about - knowing that we have your back for all your personal needs means that you can concentrate on more important things in life, like having fun!


You are in control - Yes that’s right, you choose what, when and where to have your products shipped. You can pause, skip, change or cancel your subscription at any time


Letterbox friendly - Our subscription boxes fit neatly through your letterbox so there is no need to collect it from your local post office


Guilt-free shopping - Without even thinking, you're reducing your plastic consumption every time you use our products. Feel great knowing you are part of the solution not the problem. The average household consumes over 3000 single use plastic bottles in a lifetime - You can stop that!


Help reduce carbon emissions - For every shipment we send you we plant a tree, the only real way to lower carbon dioxide from the air and fight the climate crisis. If you start today you could be responsible for planting more than 720 trees in your lifetime, all without lifting a finger.


Test new products - We will occasionally send you samples of new products to try, free of charge! We have a lot of cool plastic free products in the pipeline